Getting Started

Please choose the first one, called “FL Dem2020Victory Distributed”

Here’s the link to login to the dialer: http://joe.link/FLDialer
Here’s a guide to help get you logged in: https://joe.link/callguide

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Contacting Voters

Great question! Unfortunately, we don’t have the ability to schedule a follow-up for a specific time. But, so long as you code the call appropriately, someone from our team will reach out again.

Though we would love to follow-up with every voters (especially Biden supports) – volunteers should not be saving voter info such as names or phone numbers. Rest assured that we’ll reach back out!”

Unfortunately, there is no way to reach back out to that person directly and dialers should not be saving voter information. However, if they aren’t registered/haven’t requested a ballot/haven’t turned in their ballot they will show back up on the lists soon!

There is a lot of volunteer energy out there right now, and a lot of organizations calling. We are very careful not to call anyone on our list too often. But, it’s very likely they are hearing from other organizations.

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Our dialer is open every day of the week! We encourage you to sign up for shifts so that we can better gauge how many callers we will have, but if you have time to make calls outside of the shift times please hop on!

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In the upper right corner of the screen, use the toggle menu with your username to toggle to Sign Out.

The ThruTalk call counter just doesn’t work sometimes during a session. No need to worry! Your calls are being recorded and counted in the system.

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If a voter is having any issues with this process, or if they have a specific question about their voting status, they can call the hotline at (833) 868-3352

Voters can drop off at their Supervisor of Elections office or a drop box location. You can find your locations at iwillvote.com. We’ll soon have locations we can look up for people!

Our message to voters is that vote by mail is safe and reliable, especially if they make sure to return the ballot as soon as possible – they can track when their ballot has been received online to make sure it gets there!

If they return early but it hasn’t been received by election day, they can go down to the polls in person and declare to a poll worker that they voted by mail and it was not received — their VBM ballot will be voided, and then they can vote in person.

A voter can check to see if they are registerd to vote at https://iwillvote.com/

The early voting period runs from Monday, October 19th – Monday, November 2nd, but the dates and hours may vary depending on the county. Voters can confirm their early voting options by contacting their county Supervisor of Elections, or iwillvote.com/

Send them to sunshine.vote for information about judges and amendments

“All domestic Vote by Mail ballots will be sent out within a 7-day window between 40-33 days prior
to the election (September 24-October 1 for November 2020 election).

You can find additional information about dates and Florida voting facts here: https://joe.link/flvotes”

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The campaign has started to open up victory centers across the state, where voters can pick up yard signs and more in a no contact setting. They can find their closest victory center by texting LITFL to 30330, or visiting this document: http://joe.link/FLCVCHubs

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